Properly putting on fingernails (video)

Removing fingernails (video)

Caring for fingernails


Properly applying gold fingernails, removing them and caring for them is serious business and I take it very SERIOUSLY!

So seriously I advise if you cannot have the focus to follow the instructional directions, we advise on purchasing one at a time or not purchase them at all!

Why? You will difinitely loose them right away, and when I loose a nail it hurts me to the soul! (I have lost 3 gold nails times in the length of time I have worn them!)  you…

May stress out! They are insurable which a good thing is, and definitely replaceable

Let me tell you a little story! On the very first time I had put on my full set of gold

Fingernails…. I was dressed beautify, fresh sexy and very excited about wearing the

Gold fingernails. My husband and I were headed to the airport on a trip to visit family. We arrived at the airport and had an hour wait before boarding our flight. We had a bit

to eat and walked to shops before I looked at my nails and all of them had fallen off!  I

was shocked, upset…. luckily being jewellers, (jewellers can spot shine and sparkle a

mile away!) my husband and I, quickly re-tracked our steps, to where we were in the

airport, and just barely made our flight! and… found, each and every

one, very lucky, very fortunate! Since that moment I techniques on applying the gold

fingernails changed. So please follow the instructional videos, to the “T’s”.

So please follow the instructional videos, and always try and be aware of wearing the

beautiful gold fingernails!

I look at the purchase of a piece of gold jewellery as a valuable sound solid investment