Investing in Gold

Gold vs Currency

  1. Gold has always been trusted by many cultures around the world, since the beginning of history. Too many cultures gold is valued more than the national currency.
  2. The importance of physically holding gold, to the holder has and is always a universal symbol of wealth and abundance.
  3. Gold is insurance against paper money, which relies on conviction to sustain its relative value. To the holder of gold, it is security when currency devalues.
  4. Gold maintains it’ s intrinsic value. it has a limited supply, which cannot be increased like currency
  5. Gold is and has been used everywhere in this world for trade, in places subject to enconomic collapse.
    EG: when price controls are implemented on food/water, nationalizing manufacturers, forcing agricultural collectives.
  6. Gold is a strong holding ground. Although we live in a modern fast moving world, we may not face certainties of other countries. (eg: veitnam/cambodia) we do face the risk of losing the values of our savings. The financial elite hold astronomical power. When our untenable addiction to debt reaches its boundary, the monetary system wills breakdown, and things can change directions quickly.
  7. Gold jewellery allows you to invest in gold and enjoy wearing it. It can also be enhanced with diamonds, precious/semi-precious gems, which further increases the value of the overall piece of jewellery.
  8. Gold jewellery is insurable if lost or stolen.
  9. Gold jewellery can be passed down from generation to generation. Therefore adding sentimental value beyond the piece itself.
  10. Majority of gold is driven by jewellery production.
  11. Gold is an excellent bartering tool that is why it is used in many countries as a form of trade.

Natural Fungus Remedy

Here ‘ a great natural remedy for nail and toe fungus.
Though a bit messy, it is easy to prepare

(Must be fresh garlic, not bottled, or packaged)
4 Fresh cloves of garlic, crushed to paste
6 tbsp Olive oil l (enough to make a smooth paste)
Incorporate well

Apply on nail bed and creases
Wrap fingers in plastic wrap and keep on for at least 24 hrs
Same for toes
(In both instances you could wear mitts over plastic wrap and socks on feet to keep wrap in place)
After 24 hr take of wrap and using a nail file, and Q-Tips, scrape out the now softened fungus, clean creases of fingers/toes remove loosened fungus and clean area. Repeat until there are no signs of fungus!

More on how to cure Nail Fungus in the video below.