Authentic Gold Fingernails

The idea of wearing painted fingernail, originated in Babylonian times! Believe it or not, men, yes men were the first gender to wear painted nails.  The painted nails identified their stature. Different colors ranked their stature, of course, gold being, the highest rank.

Around 5000 BC the Egyptians adorned themselves, with beautiful gold jewellery. The beautiful queens Nefertiti and Ankhesenamun adorned their fingernails in gold.

The Great Dynasties of China accommodated their wives fingernails in luxurious gold fingernails. Many Asian and Indian cultures wear gold fingernails in ceremonies and traditional dances.  The beauty and value of SOLID gold, is always respected, not only on its monetary value but also on it’s high stature.

Hello my name is Jenny Jjag, and I am the founder, Owner/Operator of GoldfFinger custom designs. i have been in the jewellery industry for 23 years, and have produced beautiful creative jewellery in this period of time SOLID gold fingernails being my most favorite to create.  I have personally worn my SOLID gold fingernail for 30 years plus! I am  never disappointed and I never stop loving the beauty and elegance they add to my wardrobe ensemble! They work great with any and every outfit; they absolutely step up a girl’s wardrobe ensemble to another level! wearing  SOLID Gold, also heightens my energy level and Vibrance! Gold is not only is an investment, there are many health benefits in the wearing of!

At GoldFinger Custom Design, we are dedicated to you and impeccable service.

Our intricate creations of gold fingernails are meticulously crafted and designed, by extremely talented goldsmiths, whom, are committed to a high standard of quality and excellence!

At GoldFinger Custom Design we believe Gold is a SOLID, sound investment. We want you to harvest the investment of it’s never failing value, while having the pleasure and elegance of wearing the  gold fingernails.

Our qualified staff is here to answer your questions and concerns, ensuring your confidence and our ability to cater to your needs.

Our prices are reasonable in high standings of a quality piece of jewellery .  We look forward to your patronage and satisfaction.

Goldfinger Custom Design Fingernails

Hi Jenny Jag here! A.K.A (GOLDFINGER) and I am on a secret mission! I have just one question?

“If you had the choice between “AUTHENTIC SOLID GOLD FINGERNAILS VS FASHION GEL NAILS, “which would you choose?

I personally… wasn’t interested in nail polish or fashion nail, as beautiful as there are, I just found it to be a lot of work! When I set my eyes on, on the alluring, intriguing, sexy look of SOLID GOLD FINGERNAILS….


EVERY Woman I know, love long beautiful fingernails!

SOLID Gold Fingernails:

  • Authentic gold fingernails….RULE…Alluring, chromatic, provacative; you cannot beat the SEXY KILLER look and feel!
  • Authentic gold fingernails last forever.
  • Authentic gold fingernails complement skin tones and wardrobe, both in the warmer and colder months
  • There is no sign of nail fungus, as gold is anti bacterial/anti fungal!
  • Nail polish colors can be applied over gold fingernails, in many different designs, so if you want color you  can have it, without absorbing toxins in your body.
  • Gold emanates warm healing energy throughout the body, sending powerful vibrations of well being
  • Always the most sought after element on the face of the earth!
  • Gold is an enduring precious metal, resisting corrosion.

The down side?  Some people have allergic reaction to the lower carat of gold.


As I said earlier, every woman I know loves long beautiful fingernails, disappointingly,

The nail industry has tainted the luxury of the posh, glamorous beautiful beauty salons and spas, into a toxic soup! Although we are unfortunately, loosing freedom of choice, when it comes to avoiding chemical

Ingestion, you may want to consider a few facts!


  1. Whether you fancy nail polish, or fashion gel/acrylic tips, consider this:nail polish is highly toxic, containing, a chemical called toluene, a solvent which is used to make the polish go on smoother
  2. also contains a neurotoxin called formaldehyde (cancer causing)
  3. the third chemical used is called Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), which keeps polish and materials for gel/acrylic nails flexible. (Absolutely known to interfere with the reproductive system)
  4. even the “non toxic” nail polish contains, these ingredients, and it works like this, less toluene is used and the, (DBP) level is increased.
  5. over time and constant exposure to these toxic trio, eat away at the nail bed dissolving nail enamel leading to total nail lose
  6. high occurrence of nail fungus is present often, as the bonding process of gel/acrylic nails is very strong, if   a gap or it releases at any point, the environment under the gap is the prime breeding ground for nail fungus(click to natural nail fungus remedy)

Well… that is the low down on the comparison between gold fingernails vs. nail polish/gel acrylic fashion

nails. This is great food, for feeding your brain the true facts! And I certainly do not claim to be totally

Non- toxic, but I do test the stuff I put on my body, as well as in my body. The excellent glue, which

attaches the gold fingernails, in my opinions, is the best, glue ever! After wearing my gold nails, for

30 year + and trying every glue, possible under the face of the sun….this glue beats ’em all, and my nails are intact and healthy! The glue I use is excellent in bonding nail to fingernail bed without eating the enamel


The removal process is pretty much the same as removing gel/acrylic nails or nail polish: using a strong nail polish remover or acetone, I definitely, opt.. for a non- toxic version, which takes a little bit longer to

dissolve the glue, but is a little bit better for you, (non-toxic still has chemicals,) I do offer a non- toxic

process, (click to video) of removing gold fingernails, and wherever I can reduce toxic ingestion…

I go there!

Love and joy


Jenny Jag